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  • posted 4200 Chinese words to learn is not a big deal anymore with 10 Words a Day!

    10 Words a Day – simple application for iPhone and Android devices to develop habits in learning Chinese vocabulary.

    From everyday usage you get to know most used Chinese words and phrases. Pretty cool, considering the biggest vocabulary between competitors of 4200 words!
    The app is more like a quiz, which lets you remember all these Chinese characters while simply playing with your phone.

    So what we get under the hood? That’s amazing, but you have intelligent software here, which is learning with you. App tracks your progress in mastering Chinese and lets you to change default settings with number of words you can remember in a time. Everyone knows, that best memory is when you see and hear something. So that’s where 10 Words a Day is a leader! You see the word in Chinese, you listen to pronunciation and you check English translation from four available options. Simply as one, two and three.

    Just imagine how you will surprise yourself after starting to read all these complicated Chinese words.
    Learning Chinese vocabulary is not a nightmare anymore with 10 Words a Day mobile application.

    Give it a try and you will feel like you know not only Kung Fu!

    Google Play – http://goo.gl/AMQsXA
    iTunes – http://app2.it/10wordsaday
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  • posted Hey everyone,

    I am currently at Startup Weekend working on a big idea and would love to hear your feedback.

    Our Startup: Enveloper

    What we do: we are on a mission to reinvent how people email.

    How we do it: we are currently building a web-based & mobile app that will have all standard features from Gmail + the awesomeness below:
    email collaboration: bring your team to contribute
    real-time editing feature: everyone in your group can see what you edit in a previous email in real-time
    improved filters
    one account, all your emails
    & much more

    How will this help you: Picture this: you work on a project and have information in several threads in gmail (if you are lucky and not yahoo) + a lot of files shared in Drive/Dropbox. Now, let's say you want to find a document, how easy will it be? We will bring Gmail + Drive in one place and we'll give you a platform to work on your projects. No more need to switch between accounts, tabs, create filters, etc.

    We are also allowing you to edit a previously sent email and your collaborators will see that in real-time. This will eliminate all those 10 emails you should have sent just to clarify an issue and will help you have your information more organized and easy to read.

    Attached is a sneak peak of how the app will look like (on all devices).

    We only have the landing page up for the BETA signup for now: http://signup.enveloper.co/ but i am more than happy to send you more info once they are up and running.

    What do you think about our idea? What is good? What we can improve? How we could market it? Any feedback is very valuable to us.
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